RBI’s history of manufacturing dental and surgical instruments dated back to 1960s, when (Late) Muhammad Younas, started manufacturing hemostatic forceps for local supplier. Since then, many of his sons and grandsons have learned the art of manufacturing dental and surgical instruments of him, and followed the art, his legacy have left behind. 

RBI take pride in understanding customer needs and providing custom made solution at competitive pricing. RBI have been producing instruments for the local industry for decades, which then be supplied to various part of the world through different companies of Sialkot.

We are always looking for new business partners and opportunities across the globe. RBI’s production system is fully ISO-13485 certified by a European notified body, named QS Zurich. For more information about certification,


Advanced dental instruments: Along with tradiational dental instruments, we speciliaze us in offering modern-day dental products such as: silicone/plastic handle instruments and plastic sterilisation trays. We are your reliable, cost effective and quality oriented dental instruments manufacturer, with the aim of delivering you the best of the products for your ultimate success!

Ray Bright Industries is specialized in manufacturing of following instruments: 

Extracting and bone forceps, Scissors, Hemostatic Forceps, Needle Holders, Elevators / Luxators, Scalers, Excavators, Perio Probes /  Explorers, Universal curretters, Filling instruments, Impression trays and many more dental instruments.